Dancer - a 3.8.24 tiling

The Dancer tiling is constructed in part from an irregular polygon that occurs twice (once rotated by 180°) in the transla-tional unit. It is remarkably similar to the shield jewel in the 3.7.42 Shield tiling.

This tiling, sent to me by Robert Fathauer, has a translational unit that is much thinner (and shorter) than its sister 3.8.24 Milkmaid tiling, so I've called it the Dancer tiling. It adds the square and the fractional 5π/12 rhomb to the prototile set.

It is constructed from a nutshell that contains three 24-gons alternating with three octagons:


Translational Unit


Skeleton tiling

Tiling (Black and white)

Translational Unit (Black and white)