Milkmaid - a 3.8.24 tiling

An octagon Easter egg and a larger convex "jewel".

The translational unit for this tiling looks like a traditional milkmaid to me. The octogons appear as though they are the ends of colourful Easter eggs, a convex pattern that resembles the "jewels" I have noted in other tilings.

The translational unit also contain two copies of another convex irregular polygon jewel, best seen in the alternative colouring below. One copy is a rotated version of the other.

Every 24-gon is the centre of a rose with alternating triangle and octagon petals.

The tiling requires three regular polygon and three rhomb prototiles to complete. The rhombs are the 8-rhomb, the 12-rhomb and the 24-rhomb.

It would be interesting to know if it is possible to construct a rhomb and regular polygon tiling with both 3.8.24 and 4.8.8 vertex types.


Translational Unit


Skeleton tiling

Tiling (Alternative colouring)

Translational Unit (Alternative colouring)

Tiling (Black and white)

Translational Unit (Black and white)