Globe - a 4.5.20 tiling

The globe "jewel".

The "Globe" tiling is unusually symmetric. Each icosagon (20-sided polygon) is the centre of a rose of alternating squares and pentagons.The translational unit contains one beautifully symmetric patch with five-fold symmetry that is repeated four times. It is easier to see this in the alternative colouring scheme below. Similar polygon patches occur in other tilings as well and I think of them as "jewels" although I don't have a formal definition for a "jewel" yet.

The tiling requires three rhomb prototiles to complete: the 5-rhomb, the 10-rhomb (both also used in 5.5.10 tilings) and the 20-rhomb.

I have found other 4.5.20 tilings that also have unusual symmetry including the more complex tiling used as the header image for this website. I'll document these in more detail when I expand this site in the future.


Translational Unit


Skeleton tiling

Tiling (Alternative colouring)

Translational Unit (Alternative colouring)

Tiling (black and white)

Translational Unit (black and white)