A thick 5.5.10 tiling

As described in the section on the Dürer construction, Dürer's thick pentagon tiling rearranges the tiles in his thin tiling to create additional gaps.

It turns out to be possible to make a similar rearrangement of the thin 5.5.10 tiling described in the previous section to create gaps that can be filled by the shape displayed below. I have modified the Dürer construction slightly to first add a 5.5.10 rose in between the γ patches before filling in the rest of the thick patch. (See the section on the Dürer construction for a description of the γ patch.)

The tiling in the thick patch left of the rose is surprisingly chaotic, something we'll notice in several other tilings shown later on this site.

Here's the full tiling, with the "thick" patch added to the bottom of the translational unit:

Translational unit


Skeleton tiling

Tiling (black and white)

Translational unit (black and white)